Private Actor Consultations

When I’m not traveling around the country, I work full time as a Talent Agency Assistant in New York City. I moved to the city in 2012 to pursue a degree in Theatre Performance at Fordham University Lincoln Center. Throughout my years of actor training, I dabbled in administrative positions at a handful of New York entertainment offices and that’s where my love for the business side of the entertainment industry started. I love sharing my knowledge and guidance with actors to make sure that they have all of the tools they need for their careers.

I look forward to connecting, please get in touch with me via the Contact page above!

1.5 Hour Phone Call / FaceTime / Meeting
$60 Per Session

We will go over ANYTHING you need to focus on:
Cover Letters
Self Tapes
Game Planning
Overall Well Being

How It Works

First, you will email me to book a session and we’ll figure out a day and time that will work for both of us. I will then send you an introductory email with all of the session details and a short list of preliminary questions to gauge what areas we might need to focus on most during our session together. 

One week before our appointment, you will send me all of your materials so I can take a look and do my thing.

When meet for our session, I will have a structured schedule of how we will go over everything and make sure that you leave feeling confident and on the right track. The weeks following our session, I will check in with you periodically to see how things are going and to make sure you’re still on track with your goals.. Accountability is key! Think of me as your coach in a way, hah!


“It was awesome for me to get an extra pair of eyes (that I trusted) on my work. Alex was honest, she listened to what I had to say, and had clearly taken time to work on my materials.”  – Emily S.

“Alex did such a great job at making me feel like I was moving in the right direction. She is so kind and thoughtful and it was really an extremely enjoyable experience.”  – Alexis G.

“I absolutely would recommend a friend to work with Alex, and I already have my next session with her scheduled.”  – Christina M.


If you have any questions at all or would like more information, please reach out to me via the Contact page above!