48 Hours in Amsterdam

This was a quick visit, just two days, but when you travel alone you don’t waste any time! Here is my short list of Amsterdam recommendations for any first time visitors!

Travel & Accommodation

  • Ryanair — $130 roundtrip from Dublin to Amsterdam and back
  • St. Christopher’s Inn Amsterdam — $200 for two nights, not as centrally located as I thought it would be and in a super touristy area (next door to Red Light District). I paid for a private single room with my own bathroom, which was more expensive but not too bad, still cheaper than a hotel.  If you were following my adventure on Instagram, I hope you enjoyed my hostel tour! I’ll call it “Catholic Quaint”.

Museums & Beer

  • Rijksmuseum for Dutch art and history!
  • Van Gogh Museum for 5 floors of his beautiful artwork, life, letters, and more. I did the self-guided audio tour for an extra close look at his work and life.
  • Heineken Experience — tour of the brewery including the history, machinery, taste tests, heineken horses, pour the perfect pint, amusement ride, three free drinks! I always try to visit breweries/distilleries of the cities I visit whenever I can!

Things To See

  • Canal tour — I recommend the Grayline open roof canal tour. It wasn’t as packed at the Hop On Hop Off or Lovers tours, and those ones didn’t have the retractable roof! This offered great views of the city, especially on a sunny day like I had!
  • Bloemenmarkt — This floating market boasts many tents selling fresh bouquets and bunches of flowers, and loads of seeds and bulbs so you can plant your own at home!
  • Red Light District — I thought that since I was staying so close to the Red Light District I might as well pop over for a quick walk through the Red Light District, because “When in Amsterdam” right? Yeah, no. Not really my thing. There were drunk/high men everywhere, large groups of people, and I wasn’t super crazy about seeing half-naked women in store front windows.
  • Condomerie — HOWEVER, my hostel was just a few doors down from the famous “Condomerie”, Amsterdam’s condom boutique. (LOL My parents are probably cringing just reading this right now, Hi Mom & Dad!). But come on! How could you not! They make anything and everything you could ever think of. I think the coolest one I saw was the glow-in-the-dark “Starry Night” one.

Still on my to-do list:

  • Bike ride around the city
  • Ann Frank House — the line was around the block, about 500 people deep in the STANDBY line for tickets.. I should’ve planned ahead for that, but I’ll get to it next time!



What else should be on my Amsterdam to-do list for next time? Please let me know below!

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