Why You Should Subscribe to elephant journal Today

Do you ever just hop online to read the latest news alerts and stories and immediately feel super stressed out and anxious because there’s just a lot of shit happening in the world today?

Yeah, me too.

Which is why I got so excited when I found elephant journal last summer. It is an online magazine that posts mindful articles covering a rage of subjects like yoga, spirituality, conscious consumerism, intentional living …anything that helps us to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and our planet. aka AWESOME.

I forget how I stumbled upon this glorious site, but after my first visit I was hooked.  You get to read 3 articles each day for free but I couldn’t stop reading, I wanted to read everything! So I decided to subscribe for only $24 a year and am still so happy with my decision to do so. I love starting my mornings with coffee and mindful articles.

Here are a few of my favorite elephant posts:

Today, I Am Alive: An Everyday Manifesto

One Day, You Will Be Loved Enough

How I Finally Began Creating & Living My Own Dream (Instead of Everyone Else’s)

There’s Nothing More Dangerous Than a Woman Like This

And anything about astrology is up my alley as well… I love that cosmic shit. And anything written by Kate Rose just wakes up your soul a little bit, she’s wonderful.

So if you find yourself needing a breather, give elephant journal a try… You might just fall in love with it!


And if you really love it, you should buy Waylon Lewis’ book “Things I Would Like To Do With You”.
He’s the founder and creator of elephant journal. I couldn’t put it down. See my other reading recommendations here!


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