Weekend Warrior: Washington, D.C.

I’d like to consider myself a pro at making the most of 3 day trips, which is why I love the term weekend warrior! Three days to make the most of it, and that’s what I do! So this weekend was no different when I booked a spontaneous trip to D.C. to visit family and friends.

Getting There

For two years now I’ve been taking the Washington Deluxe bus that takes 4-4.5 hours to reach your destination. There is a 15 minute pitstop in Delaware for snacks and stretching and there is also on-board wifi, charging outlets, reclinable and comfy seats, a bathroom, and air conditioning!

Snapshots: Renwick Gallery

I’ve been super into art installations lately, so I knew I had to make a trip to DC’s Renwick Gallery while I was here! And I am so glad I did! The current exhibit they have on display is called Wonder, and it features 9 artists’ work that are created from everyday objects: wood, paper, thread, glass, netting, tires and marbles! You can make art out of anything!

Snaphots: Georgetown

The Old Stone House is the oldest structure on its original foundation in Washington, D.C., built in 1765!

 Go To A Nationals Game!


I Hate Shopping, But I Enjoy This Mall

Basically pretending that I’m Olivia Pope because I WILL WORK FOR SHONDA RHIMES SOMEDAY.

Weekend Warrior Tip: plan a getaway to a city where you have friends or family living that way you can stay with them!